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PostSubject: DEMO Stuff   DEMO Stuff Icon_minitimeSun May 16, 2010 1:27 am

I put all of my configuration files into the \etmain directory for simplicity. My central config is called autoexec.cfg, which contains my main keybinds and video/sound/network settings. I also manually edit all copies of etconfig.cfg to bind the "/" key on the keypad to execute this file, in case ET doesn't run my autoexec for some reason:

bind KP_SLASH "exec autoexec.cfg"

I have modified the default demo recording behaviour to give me some visual feedback, and to act as a toggle. This uses the default F12 key:

// Demo recording toggle
set demoon "autorecord; set nextdemo vstr demooff; echo ^2Recording ^7demo"
set demooff "stoprecord; set nextdemo vstr demoon; echo ^7Recording ^1stopped"
set nextdemo "vstr demoon"

bind F12 "vstr nextdemo"

The Insert key on your keypad acts as a toggle to see fireteam icons over the heads of your buddies. I have modified its behaviour somewhat to provide more visual feedback when used:

// Fireteam highlighter
set showteam "selectbuddy -2; set nextteamtoggle vstr hideteam; echo Team ^3Highlighted!!!"
set hideteam "selectbuddy -1; set nextteamtoggle vstr showteam; echo Team icons ^1hidden!!!"
set nextteamtoggle "vstr showteam"

bind KP_INS "vstr nextteamtoggle"

I use my CAPS LOCK key to toggle between running and walking:

// Run/walk toggle (default run)
set walk_off "-speed; set walk_t vstr walk_on"
set walk_on "+speed; set walk_t vstr walk_off"
vstr walk_off

bind CAPSLOCK "vstr walk_t"

The competition mod for ET, ET Pro adds a large number of useful features to the game. It is now possible to have map-specific configuration scripts, which I have used to create a spawn script and a class selection script.

You can download my ET Pro scripts here.

This is the mainline script. I only show what is needed to power my scripts.

First, you need to initialize the scripts themselves:

// Includes and defaults
exec spawn_class.cfg
exec spawn_timer.cfg

To ensure I have a map-specific autoexec loaded, I bind a pair of keys to manually load them if necessary:

// Map-specific autoexec cycler
set map0 "exec autoexec_battery.cfg; set nextmap vstr map1"
set map1 "exec autoexec_fueldump.cfg; set nextmap vstr map2"
set map2 "exec autoexec_goldrush.cfg; set nextmap vstr map3"
set map3 "exec autoexec_oasis.cfg; set nextmap vstr map4"
set map4 "exec autoexec_radar.cfg; set nextmap vstr map5"
set map5 "exec autoexec_railgun.cfg; set nextmap vstr map6"
set map6 "exec autoexec_supplydepot.cfg; set nextmap vstr map7"
set map7 "exec autoexec_venice.cfg; set nextmap vstr map0"
set nextmap "vstr map0"

bind i "exec autoexec_other.cfg"
bind o "vstr nextmap"

To use the spawn timer, you'll need to change the way you bind your keypad. My script is designed to restore the keypad behaviour to a default after you enter the spawn time, so the keys can be reused. Here's how to do it:

// Default keypad assignments
set kp_ins_default "bind KP_INS vstr nextteamtoggle"

set kp_home_default "bind KP_HOME vsay_team FTReviveTeamMate"
set kp_end_default "bind KP_END vsay_team clearmines"
set kp_uparrow_default "bind KP_UPARROW vsay_team FTCallAirStrike"
set kp_leftarrow_default "bind KP_LEFTARROW vsay_team minescleared"
set kp_rightarrow_default "bind KP_RIGHTARROW vsay_team OnMyWay"
set kp_downarrow_default "bind KP_DOWNARROW vsay_team FTCallArtillery"
set kp_pgdn_default "bind KP_PGDN vsay_team commanddeclined"

// Note the class_vsay here; this is class-specific, defined in spawn_class.cfg
set kp_5_default "bind KP_5 vstr class_vsay"

set kp_pgup_default "bind KP_PGUP vsay_team commandacknowledged"
vstr keypad_reset // Executes the default keybinds

Now, you can bind three keys to trigger the spawn timer functions:

// Cycle spawn time lengths, in case the defaults are wrong
bind n "vstr spawntime_cycle"
// Tell your team the enemy's spawn time
bind ' "vstr repeat_spawntime"
// Enter the spawn time on the keypad; values from 00-59 are valid
bind KP_DEL "vstr keypad_start; echo ^9=======================|| ^3Enter Spawn Time Now"

Like the spawn timer, the class selector redefines some keys (function keys in this case). Here's what you need in your autoexec:

// Default function key assignments
set toggle_effects "toggle cg_atmosphericEffects; toggle cg_wolfparticles"
set f1_default "bind F1 vote yes"
set f2_default "bind F2 vote no"
set f3_default "bind F3 ready"
set f4_default "bind F4 notready"
set f5_default "bind F5 toggle cg_lagometer"
set f6_default "bind F6 toggle cg_drawFPS"
set f7_default "unbind F7"
set f8_default "bind F8 vstr toggle_effects"
set f9_default "bind F9 vid_restart"
set f10_default "unbind F10"
vstr fkey_reset // Executes the default keybinds

There are four keys needed to trigger the class selector script functions:

// Join Axis team; select Allied spawn times
bind [ "vstr alliedspawntime; vstr go_axis"
// Join spectators
bind \ "vstr go_spec"
// Join Allied team; select Axis spawn times
bind ] "vstr axisspawntime; vstr go_ally"
// Select your class; values from F1 to F10 are valid
bind / "vstr fkey_start; echo ^9=======================|| ^3Select Class Now"


These scripts execute at the start of a map. They define the spawn points for the map (see below for more on this), the spawn times and an emergency "rear Engineer spawn" for disarming dynomite.

You might need to update the spawn times if the tournament settings change. The following example sets Allied spawns to 15 seconds, and Axis to 30:

set alliedspawntime "vstr 15_sec"
set axisspawntime "vstr 30_sec"

My spawn selection code looks a little complicated, but here's the idea: I use the UPARROW key to spawn in the standard way, and the DOWNARROW key to spawn "back" (usually a rear or original spawn, depending on the map). LEFTARROW and RIGHTARROW let me choose special spawns, with the arrow "pointing" in the direction of the spawn on the minimap. For example, LEFTARROW will spawn me at the little hut on the "left" of the map on Radar, and RIGHTARROW will spawn me at the command post on the "right" of the same map.

I hope that makes sense; it was necessary because I wanted to use the arrow keys for this purpose, and ET's spawn variables are set up rather strangely.
spawn_class.cfg, spawn_axis.cfg, spawn_ally.cfg

This script defines the class selection behaviour, and uses spawn_ally.cfg and spawn_axis.cfg to actually set the classes and class-specific binds. The special level 4 weapons are selected automatically, if available. You might want to change the vsays used for the default text; you shouldn't need to edit these files otherwise.

// Default text
set medic_vsay "vsay_team IAmMedic"
set eng_vsay "vsay_team constructioncommencing"
set fops_vsay "vsay_team fireinthehole"
set covert_vsay "vsay_team IAmCovertOps"
set soldier_vsay "vsay_team IAmSoldier"

spawn_timer.cfg, spawn_15.cfg, spawn_20.cfg, spawn_30.cfg

This script contains a spawn timer. Basically, you press a trigger key and enter the spawn time; now a single keypress tells the spawn times to your team. You shouldn't need to edit this script, as the configuration comes from your binds and the map-specific autoexec files.
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