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 learning mode

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PostSubject: learning mode   Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:05 am

One of my favorite things about Enemy Territory is XP. It's cool how you can gain new abilities as the game progresses, like leveling up in an RPG. Although some players do focus too much on XP, the rewards you get are pretty cool. In this section, I'll cover basically everything about XP: medals, ranks, rewards, and XP whoring. Some of this stuff is in the manual already, but I'll be adding some insights on which rewards are better than others, how to get lots of XP, etc.


You get medals if you got most XP in some area during a game. (colored letters next to your name).

Here's what each one stands for:

Rewards Letter Medal
Heavy Weapons H
Covert ops C
First aid F
Engineering E
Signals S
Battle sense B
Light Weapons L


As you get more XP and advance to new levels in different skill areas, you get new abilities. The levels are awarded as follows:

Level 1: 20 XP
Level 2: 50 XP
Level 3: 90 XP
Level 4: 140 XP

Everyone hates XP whores because they don't focus on objectives. But, if you are starting out in a new class, I do recommend XP whoring just so you can get some advanced rewards.

Below is a listing of all rewards.

The coolest rewards are shown in blood red.
Rewards which aren't terribly great are in gray.
The best ways to XP whore are highlighted in somewhat neon green,

Light weapons

3 XP for regular kills
5 XP for headshot kills

* Level 1: Improved use of light weapon ammunition
When you respawn, you'll get an extra clip of ammo.
* Level 2: Faster Reload
Now you can reload weapons 35% faster
* Level 3: Improved Light Weapons Handling
Your accuracy with SMG's is 35% better, and you have less recoil with pistols
* Level 4: Dual-wield pistols
Now you can fire two pistols at once (really really cool)

Strategy: Make lots of kills with SMGs, pistols, or grenades. When you suspect your enemy is low on HP, try to kill them with a headshot so you get 5 XP. Having dual-wield pistols is most useful if you are a medic or covert ops. For a medic, you want them as a fallback in case you run out of ammo (since medics spawn with very little ammo). For a covert ops, it's useful because silenced akimbo pistols are both silent and extremely deadly. But, field ops have ammo packs so they rarely need their pistol. Engineers generally have all the ammo they need. And soldiers should focus on heavy weapons.

Battle sense

2 XP if you inflict damage on enemies within 30 seconds
5 XP if you inflict and receive damage within 30 seconds
8 XP if you kill and receive damage within 30 seconds

Basically battle sense is a reward for surviving combat.

* Level 1: Binoculars
You get binocs...
* Level 2: Improved Physical Fitness
Stamina bar recharges 60% faster
* Level 3: Improved Health
Max HP goes up by 15
* Level 4: Trap awareness
Now you can see landmines (when you get close to them, white outlines of the landmine appear)

Strategy: Don't do "suicide attacks". Being a medic really helps because you can always stay at full health. All four of the battle sense rewards are great, so don't neglect it! Also, battle sense (and light weapons) carry over even if you change your class so they are always a good idea.

Heavy Weapons

3 XP for every kill with a heavy weapon

* Level 1: Improved projectile resources
Each time you fire a panzer or mortar, it costs 33% less from your power bar
* Level 2: Heavy weapons proficiency
MGs take half the usual time to cool after they overheat
* Level 3: Improved Dexterity
You can run around faster with Panzer or Flamethrower
* Level 4: Improved Weapon handling
Lets you carry heavy weapon + MP40/Thompson instead of heavy weapon + pistol. REALLY nice Smile

Strategy: Kill lots of people! That's really all your job is if you're a soldier. Get to level 1 within 3-4 minutes if you are a panzer or mortar. Then work up to level 4 so you can carry an SMG with you. If there's a tank, get up on it and fire using the tank-mounted MG. It's an extremely powerful weapon, and the screen doesn't shake like a mobile MG. Just be careful you get off the tank quickly since you're such a visible target when you're in the tank.

First aid

1 XP for giving health pack to a teammate who isn't a medic
4 XP for reviving someone.

* Level 1: Medic ammo
1 extra ammo clip and grenade
* Level 2: Improved resources
A couple more syringes, more ammo, and health packs take 15% power bar instead of 25%
* Level 3: Full revive
You get a green syringe that can revive people to full health instead of half-health
* Level 4: Self adrenaline (VERY COOL)
For 10 seconds, damage against you is cut in half, and you can sprint without losing stamina

Strategy: Pay attention to the map and compass, and the health of people around you. If you have nothing to do, make a patrol and see who is low on health. Or, just drop some health packs in some area where people are going to be running around so they can help themselves to them. Ideally, a medic should constantly be busy, so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting XP, unless you have a lot of medics on your team already. All 4 rewards are excellent, so get all the way to level 4 as fast as you can.


3 XP for killing with a rifle grenade
4 XP for a landmine kill
4 XP for defusing an enemy's landmine
6 XP for defusing enemy's dynamite
10 XP for constructing important objectives (sometimes less than 10, depends)
3-7 XP for repairing MGs or tanks

* Level 1: Improved use of explosive ammunition
Four extra rifle grenade rounds and four extra grenades
* Level 2: Improved dexterity
Lets you arm or defuse landmines/dynamite in half the time
* Level 3: Improved construction/destruction
Constructing, repairing, and arming dyno or landmines takes 33% less power bar
* Level 4: Flak Jacket
You take 50% less damage from explosives

Strategy: A lot of your XP will come from rifle grenade kills. (Don't use an SMG- no engineering XP). Also, anything that needs to constantly be constructed is awesome (repairing the tank!). The other thing you can get some easy XP for is constructing things at the beginning of the map. For example, when we're on Oasis as axis, I switch my spawnpoint to the axis garrison, and construct the command post. Then I kill myself and spawn back in the old city as a medic.


1 XP for giving out an ammo pack
3 XP for each player killed by an airstrike
4 XP for killing them with arty strike
5 XP for destroying an objective with either airstrike or arty strike

* Level 1: Improved resources
You get "mega" ammo packs (double ammo), and giving them costs 15% power bar instead of 25%
* Level 2: Improved signals
Calling arty costs only 2/3 of your power bar (instead of 100%)
* Level 3: Improved Air and Ground support
Airstrikes affect more area, and arty strike lasts twice as long. VERY useful.
* Level 4: Enemy recognition
If you place your crosshairs over a cvops in disguise, their location shows up on command map.

Strategy: Always toss ammo packs as you are running out of spawn point. Make sure you don't run over your own ammo packs- that won't give you more XP, and it won't help your team. Make sure that your team's medics, in particular, get enough ammo. You might even want to announce over the team chat that you are going to be handing out ammo on the way out of spawn, so medics make sure to get some. When you drop the ammo packs, spread them out instead of clustering them all in 1 spot. That way 1 guy won't just hog all the ammo. You should basically just be an ammo whore until you're at least to level 2 or level 3 in signals. That's when your airstrikes and arty will really start to do some damage.

Covert Operations

3 XP for each land mine spotted
5 XP for stealing a uni
5 XP for a satchel charge kill
7 XP for destroying an objective with a satchel charge
3 XP for killing an enemy
5 XP for killing with a headshot

* Level 1: Improved use of scoped ammunition
Ammo packs give you one extra clip for your K43 or FG42
* Level 2: Improved use of sabotage and misdirection
Satchel charges or smoke grenades take 33% less power bar
* Level 3: Breath control
Your weapon recoils 50% less after each shot. Note that on certain shrub servers, breath control also improves your MP40/Thompson accuracy
* Level 4: Assassin
You get an instant kill for a backstab

Strategy: To get XP, spot lots of land mines, steal unis, and depending on the map, satchel charge or snipe. However, none of the rewards are really crucial for a covert ops, so unless you're really only out to be an XP whore, you should focus more on helping your team than on getting XP.

XP for destroying things

Here's some information on the XP you get for destroying stuff, thanks to Ragnar-X-:

* You get usually 7.5XP for destroying a command post or a vehicle. So you will receive 15 instead of 14 points when you destroy things two times
(e.g. command posts).
* On some maps the XP is increased to 10XP for the vehicles, e.g. on Goldrush.
* On fueldump the XP for destroying/repairing the tank is reduced to 3 after the reached its final position at the side wall (see map script).
* For repairing the MG on MG42 emplacements you always get 3XP, but you will get the points only when an enemy disabled the mg!


Ranks are awarded based on how much skill you've acquired in different areas. Other than making us all feel happy, ranks are somewhat useful because they are displayed on your helmet. So, if you are looking at an enemy, you can size them up by seeing what rank they have on their helmet.

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learning mode
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