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 More cool Scripts

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PostSubject: More cool Scripts   Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:15 am


Here are a bunch of scripts for you to add to your config. If you aren't already familiar with scripting, please read Intro to Scripting.
Suicide script

It's very handy to have a key that lets you kill yourself instantly. Lots of people use this if they're worried they might die soon and they don't want to miss the respawn time. Another reason to kill yourself is if you run out of ammo and there's no field ops nearby. Add this line to your autoexec.cfg, and replace "K" with whatever key you want:

bind "K" "kill; forcetapout"

kill causes you to die and forcetapout makes sure you go straight to limbo. (Thanks to Jan for this tip).

Note, it's also possible to kill yourself during a firefight if you're about to lose, so your enemy doesn't get XP for killing you. This is kind of mean though, so it is discouraged on many servers.
Colored names

Some players like to have colors in their name like: Sideshow Bob. To make your name look like this, you would say:

set name "^1Side^7show ^2Bob"

The "^1" means "Make all the letters after this look red". The "^7" means "white", and the "^2" means "green". Here's a complete listing of the color codes:

Hiding your gun

In some cases it's really useful to hide the gun. For one thing, when you display the gun, you also get the unfortunate effect of muzzle flash. So, every time you fire a bullet, there's a bright flash that can be distracting. Also, sometimes the gun itself can get in your way, which is annoying.

To turn your gun off, use the command "cg_drawgun 0". And to turn it back on, use "cg_drawgun 1". If you like, you can set up a toggle to turn your gun on and off. This is done with this command:

bind "K" toggle cg_drawgun

Personally, I like seeing when I have a syringe out, because then if I'm reviving someone I won't accidentally shoot them because I actually had a gun out. The only thing I really like to hide are weapon banks 2 and 3- i.e. pistols, SMGs, panzers, MGs, etc. So to do this, I came up with the following script:

bind 0 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 10"
bind 1 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 1"
bind 2 "cg_drawgun 0; weaponbank 2"
bind 3 "cg_drawgun 0; weaponbank 3"
bind 4 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 4"
bind 5 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 5"
bind 6 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 6"
bind 7 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 7"
bind 8 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 8"
bind 9 "cg_drawgun 1; weaponbank 9"

Hopefully this isn't too confusing! Basically, this way I can be selective about which weapons get hidden and which ones get shown. Note the semicolons (the ; symbol) between the cg_drawgun command and weaponbank command. This is necessary to separate one command from another.
Field of view script

Field of view is more or less a zoom factor. A very low FOV would be like using binoculars, while a high FOV would give you a very wide angle so you could see more of your surroundings. The default FOV is 90 degrees, meaning that basically you can see 45 degrees to the left of you and 45 degrees to the right of you.

To set your FOV to some number, you just say:

set cg_fov

The number should be from 90 to 120. If you try to go higher or lower, you might not be allowed to depending on the server, because having a ridiculously low or high FOV is almost like cheating. An FOV lower than 90 will never have any effect, no matter what server you are on.

Here's an example of a 90 degree FOV:

Now, here is 120 degrees. Notice that you can see more, although the edges of the screen are very subtly distorted.

Just for fun, I tried raising the FOV to 180 degrees. Pretty crazy, huh? It's like a fish-eye view; things that you are looking directly at appear fine, but as you move to the edges of the screen, everything gets stretched.

Easy artillery strike script

This script lets you call an artillery strike without having to go into binocular mode. You simply look at the piece of ground (without binoculars) where you want to call the strike and then press a key. So, suppose you want to bind this ability to your "K" key. Then you should add this line of text to your autoexec.cfg:

bind "K" "+zoom;+attack;-attack;-zoom"
Sprint toggle

This is one of my favorite scripts. It lets you toggle between running and sprinting by pressing a key. In firefights, I almost always want to be sprinting the whole time, so it's a real pain to hold down SHIFT all the time. Kind of like, IF I WANTED TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS, I'D RATHER PRESS CAPS LOCK THAN HOLD DOWN SHIFT.

Here's the script:

set beginsprinting "echo Sprinting ON; +sprint; set sprinttoggle vstr endsprinting"
set endsprinting "echo Sprinting OFF; -sprint; set sprinttoggle vstr beginsprinting"
set sprinttoggle "vstr beginsprinting"
bind MOUSE3 "vstr sprinttoggle"

Note that for this script to be useful, it has to be bound to an easily accessible key so that you can quickly press the key without interrupting what you're doing. So personally I bind it to MOUSE3 (the mousewheel button).

Personally, I used to have a hard time sprinting during fights because my finger arrangement on the keyboard was really awkward and it was hard to hold SHIFT all the time. With this script, it's a lot easier and I tend to win more fights.

If you want to bind this toggle directly to the SHIFT key, you should use the form of the script which Polaris has written. The problem with my version is that if you hold down shift, it will keep toggling on and off again and again. His version protects against repeated toggling:

//Sprint toggle by Polaris
set beginsprinting "echo Sprinting ON; +sprint; set s1 vstr donothing; set
s2 vstr change1"
set endsprinting "echo Sprinting OFF; -sprint; set s1 vstr donothing; set s2
vstr change2"
set donothing ""
set change1 "set s1 vstr endsprinting"
set change2 "set s1 vstr beginsprinting"
set s1 "vstr beginsprinting"
bind "shift" "+vstr s1 s2"

An other very intersting easy sprinting script comes from -(BourNe|S3K)-: With this you automatically start sprinting when you shoot/attack. The big advantage is, that you don't need to press any key during firefights... One disadvantage is, that you always sprint, even if you give out Med/Ammo Packs or construct something... but if you don't move during giving things out/constructing there will be no problem with your stamina.

set AT2 "-attack; -sprint"
set AT1 "+attack; +sprint"
bind MOUSE1 "+vstr AT1 AT2"
pmove_fixed toggle

This script lets you toggle pmove_fixed. Thanks to =000=Village Idiot for this script. In his words, "Many trickjumpers use pmove_fixed 1 to perform the jumps they do. However, for some people, there are several errors that can occur when you have it activated."

// Toggles pmove_fixed on and off
set fixedmove1 "pmove_fixed 1; echo pmove_fixed ^2Activated; set p_movetoggle vstr fixedmove0
set fixedmove0 "pmove_fixed 0; echo pmove_fixed ^1Deactivated; set p_movetoggle vstr fixedmove1
set p_movetoggle "vstr fixedmove1"
bind 3 "vstr p_movetoggle"
Playing dead

This is a command you can run from the console, but ONLY on certain shrubet servers. To find out what kind of server you're on, go to "SERVER INFO" from the menu. If it says "etpro" then you can't play dead. If it says "shrubet", then you're probably in luck.

Anyways, to do it, just type "/playdead" at the console or bind "playdead" to a key. It can be pretty useful if you're sneaking around. Just be careful though! Even if you convince your enemy that you are dead, they might shoot at you anyways to make sure you are gibbed.

Another good place to use this is if you're getting shot up by multiple enemies. If you are getting shot by ONE enemy, playdead probably won't fool him because he'll wonder how come he didn't score a kill, but if you do it when there are multiple guys, they'll just assume that the kill was made by someone else.
Rapid akimbos script

This is one of the best scripts, IMO. You just hold down a key (cannot be a mouse button, must be bound to a key) and your akimbos will fire at 16 rounds per second. This is about double as fast as I could fire akimbos if I press the mouse button as fast as I can. It's nearly as fast as an MG, which is 18 rounds per second.

The only limitation is that while you're holding down the key, you can't change what direction you're moving, although you can still turn around with the mouse. Since the fire is so rapid, you will run out of ammo in about 1 second. So, don't waste it- don't use this against people who are far away, or who are moving very fast. It's best used at close range, either if you sneak up on someone from behind, or if you trap them in a small hallway.

NOTE: This script will not produce good results if the server you play on limits the akimbo rate.

Here is the script (note: I split it up into several lines, but it should all be written on 1 line in the text file):

bind "K" "+attack; -attack; +attack; -attack;
+attack; -attack; +attack; -attack;
+attack; -attack; +attack; -attack;
+attack; -attack; +attack; -attack;
+attack; -attack; +attack; -attack;
wait 1;"
Sniper recoil script

This is another extremely cool script, written by *PzZy. It's a sneaky little script that lets you reduce the recoil of sniper rifles so your screen doesn't shake so much. Simply press 'Q' to enter or exit from "Sniper mode".

A word of caution: this script is for educational use only. Have fun with it playing with your friends but obviously it's not allowed in leagues, and please don't use it on pubs out of consideration for the other players.

Download theultimatesnipermod.cfg
Spawnpoint selector

Script to change spawnpoints without going to the limbo screen, just press F3 to cycle thru spawnpoints. Thanks to *PzZy, for permission to post this script.

Download spawnpoint.cfg
Class selector

Here is another great script written by *PzZy, for changing your class or weapon without going to limbo.

Press F4 to select which team you want to be on, and then pick your class with the keys F5-F9. If you want to change your weapon, just hit the same key again. For example, if you hit F9, it will make you a soldier with a Panzerfaust. Then press F9 again, it will give you a flamethrower, etc... Note that when you pick a new class, it doesn't actually take effect until your next life, so if you want to switch right away, then hit your suicide key after you switch classes.

Download class.cfg
Teammenu / Classmenu commands

Thanks to *PzZy, for this tip! NOTE: This will only work in etpro!!

Instead of a class or spawn script, it's possible to select your class and/or team, through a menu in ET, very similar to the way you can select vsays through the menus.

Try this:

bind O "teammenu"
bind P "classmenu" // note: classmenu can only be used once you've joined a team

It's very easy to use, you can memorize all the different combinations like O12 (axis medic), O3 (spectator), P32 (engy w/ rifle), etc.

Text shortcuts

There are some very cool text shortcuts you can use on shrub servers. They are:

[a] - last person who gave you ammo
[d] - last person who killed you
[h] - last person who gave you health
[k] - last person you killed
[l] - your current location
[n] - your name
[r] - last person who revived you
[p] - teammate you are pointing at
[s] - your health
[w] - weapon you are currently holding
[t] - ammo for current weapon

I find this very useful. So for example, you could bind a message to a key like this:

bind K say_Team "Medic! I am located at [l], I have [s] health!"

Here's my favorite example- check this out... In my class selector script (which I modified for my own use), I added some lines that look like this:

set covert_config "bind MOUSE3 say_team Hey [p], come with me. I have a uni!"
set soldier_config "bind MOUSE3 say_team Hey [p], please move out of my line of fire!"
set fdops_config "bind MOUSE3 say_team Hey [p], hold up so I can give you ammo!"
set engy_config "bind MOUSE3 say_team Hey [p], give me some backup! (I'm an engy)"
set medic_config "bind MOUSE3 say_team Hey [p], hold up so I can heal you!"

So for example, if I change my class to medic, it will automatically do a vstr on my medic_config script. Then, whenever I press MOUSE3 (the mousewheel), then say my cursor is currently pointing to a teammate named Jack. Then it will say, "Hey Jack, hold up so I can heal you!"

Remember, these only work on shrub servers though Sad
Silly scripts

1. "NOOB" Ascii Art script Download it

This script displays "Noob" in the chat as shown below. Thanks to *PzZy for this script

2. Tank ASCII Art script Download it

This script displays "Tank" in the chat as shown below. Thanks to *PzZy

Extra resources

E-T.com Scripts archive: enemy-territory.com has an awesome archive of about 30 different scripts which are worth checking out.
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More cool Scripts
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